Friday, May 15, 2009

Mobile Modular's Campus Maker® Hybrid Classrooms (Maryland)

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5 Ways You Could Be Saving On Facilities at Your School

Comparing lifecycle costs of Mobile Modular's Campus Maker® Hybrid to an industry standard portable.

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  1. Operating Expenses
    According to an Energy Modeling Study performed by Southern Energy Management, Mobile Modular’s Campus Maker® Hybrid can save up to $79 per month per classroom on utility bills over an industry standard portable classroom of equivalent size.

  2. Installation & Dismantling of Skirting
    The Campus Maker® Hybrid sits low to the ground and does not require skirting; saving schools thousands of dollars on installation and dismantle costs.

  3. Utility Connections
    Campus Maker® Hybrid can be placed side by side and low to the ground saving hundreds of dollars in utility line runs. Industry standard portables often have utility connection points scattered throughout the site.

  4. Installation of Handicap Ramps
    Industry standard portables require large wood decking for wheelchair ramps that require disposal at the end of use. The Campus Maker® Hybrid uses galvanized aluminum ramps which last for years and are designed to be reusable at future sites; saving your school thousands of dollars.

  5. Installation of Anchoring Systems
    The low to grade and side by side installation of the Campus Maker® Hybrid saves money with significantly fewer anchoring (tiedown) points.
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